Look, I can ride!
No pedals. No tricycle. No training wheels. Just fun on a bike
With the Strider Running Bike

there are no "tricycle tip-overs" or "training-wheel wobbles" to create a fear, hesitancy, or dislike of bike riding.  The Striderâ„¢ running bike helps toddlers learn balance and coordination BEFORE pedaling, which develops glittering confidence. So ditch the tricycle and training wheels, and teach your child to ride a bike sooner and safer with a Striderâ„¢.

Welcome to my Strider site, a place where you can pick out your children's favorite color bike and accessories. And whatever fits their needs.
I am a local dealer here in
Bay County Florida.
Take a look at my video and see just what you and your children are missing out on. My Products will give your children hours of fun and a learning experience for their future to come.

For More Information

You can contact me at       everett216@comcast.net    or by phone @                  850-258-1894                 

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My First Bike the Strider Way  

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